Can a style tag have an ID?

+1 Interesting question! Instead of using a style block, you should consider linking ( link ) to your stylesheets and then switch them out by referencing an id or a class . That said, title is perfectly acceptable for a style tag in HTML5. You can use this as a hook for your stylesheet switching.

Can an HTML tag have a class and an ID?

3) Can an HTML element have an id and class? Yes, any HTML element (like div, input, nav, body, etc) can have both “id” and “class” together and at the same time. The only difference here is that “id” can have only one unique value and “class” can have more than one.

Can a tag have multiple ids?

No, you cannot have multiple ids for a single tag, but I have seen a tag with a name attribute and an id attribute which are treated the same by some applications.

What is class A ID?

The difference between an ID and a class is that an ID can be used to identify one element, whereas a class can be used to identify more than one. You can also apply a selector to a specific HTML element by simply stating the HTML selector first, so p.

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Can you add a class to an ID?

In short, yes. Usually the class would be for styling and the id to allow direct manipulation by scripts.

Can 2 elements have the same ID?

Answer. As HTML and CSS are designed to be very fault tolerant, most browsers will in fact apply the specified styles to all elements given the same id. However, this is considered bad practice as it defies the W3C spec. Applying the same id to multiple elements is invalid HTML and should be avoided.

Can two Div have same ID?

Yes you are right, it is not recommened to do so. An ID should always be unique (e.g. if you want to select the element with javascript). If you just want to add the same style to the divs, just use css class.

Can HTML have 2 IDs?

The HTML id attribute is used to specify a unique id for an HTML element. You cannot have more than one element with the same id in an HTML document.

What is a ID selector?

The CSS ID selector matches an element based on the value of the element’s id attribute. In order for the element to be selected, its id attribute must match exactly the value given in the selector.

Should I use ID or class?

The basic rule that you need to keep in mind while using classes and ids in CSS is that, id is used for single elements that appear on the page for only once (e.g. header, footer, menu), whereas class is used for single or multiple elements that appear on the page for once or more than once (e.g. paragraphs, links, …

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Does ID override class?

Assuming there are no other styles that are affecting the element in the HTML file the styles applied via the ID will override any style applied through reference of the Class specific to that element.

Can DIVS have ID?

8 Answers. Can I have a div with id as number? Yes, you can. id values that consist solely of digits are perfectly valid in HTML; anything but a space is okay.

How do you call a CSS ID?

To use an ID selector in CSS, you simply write a hashtag (#) followed by the ID of the element.

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