How do I use comments in CSS?

How to Comment in CSS. To comment in CSS, simply place your plain text inside /* */ marks. This tells the browser that they are notes and should not be rendered on the front end.

How do you put comments in code?

The single line comment is //. Everything from the // to the end of the line is a comment. To mark an entire region as a comment, use /* to start the comment and */ to end the comment.

How do you use comment?

Used with adjectives:

He made a brief comment.” “She gave positive comments about the dinner.” “Jane responded poorly to the negative comment.” “A teacher can help students by providing a lot of helpful comments.”

How do you comment out a bracket in CSS?

Writing/Editing Code

  1. Ctrl+X Delete/Cut line/selection.
  2. Ctrl+D Duplicate line/selection.
  3. Ctrl+C Copy line/selection.
  4. Ctrl+V Paste line/selection.
  5. Ctrl+/ Single line comment.
  6. Ctrl+Shift+/ Block comment.
  7. Ctrl+Enter Add a new line after the current line.
  8. Ctrl+Shift+Enter Add a new line before the current line.

How do you style comments in HTML?

This element is used to add a comment to an HTML document. An HTML comment begins with <! –– and the comment closes with ––> . HTML comments are visible to anyone that views the page source code, but are not rendered when the HTML document is rendered by a browser.

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How do you write a good comment?

Top ten tips for writing a great comment

  1. Read the article. …
  2. Respond to the article. …
  3. Read the other comments. …
  4. Make it clear who you’re replying to. …
  5. Use the return key. …
  6. Avoid sarcasm. …
  7. Avoid unnecessary acronyms. …
  8. Use facts.

What is comment example?

To comment is to make a statement, remark or express an opinion. An example of comment is when you share your opinion on an issue. … The definition of a comment is a statement or remark. An example of a comment is a statement released in the paper that someone made about a scandal going on.

What is mean by comments?

: a spoken or written statement that expresses an opinion about someone or something. : a written note that explains or discusses the meaning of something (such as a piece of writing) : spoken or written discussion about something (such as an event in the news)

How do I comment on a photo?


  1. Navigate to the project’s Photos tool.
  2. Click the photo you want to add a comment to.
  3. Click the information (i) icon if it is not already selected.
  4. Expand the ‘Comments’ section at the bottom of the Information section.
  5. Enter your comment in the text box that appears. …
  6. Click the Send arrow icon.

How do you add comments in HTML and CSS?

A CSS comment is placed inside the <style> element, and starts with /* and ends with */ :

  1. /* This is a single-line comment */ p { color: red; } Try it Yourself »
  2. p { color: red; /* Set text color to red */ } Try it Yourself »
  3. /* This is. a multi-line. comment */ p { color: red; } Try it Yourself »
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How do you insert a comment in CSS stylesheet?

Like most languages, CSS allows the users to add comments in the stylesheet. Comments in CSS can be added by using the /* tag, which is then closed off by using */ . Note: Code that is commented out is not used to style the page. This technique can be used to add both single and multi-line comments.

What is the shortcut key for comment in HTML?

If you select a block of code and use the key sequence Ctrl+K+C, you’ll comment out the section of code. Ctrl+K+U will uncomment the code.

What are CSS comments?

A CSS comment is used to add explanatory notes to the code or to prevent the browser from interpreting specific parts of the style sheet. By design, comments have no effect on the layout of a document.

How do I add a comment section in HTML?


  1. <section id=”content”> – the blog post content.
  2. <section id=”comments”> – where the comments are to appear. This is where the majority of our work will be done.
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