Question: How do I make a comment box in HTML and CSS?

How do you make a comment box in HTML CSS?

For adding border to your comment box you just need to use the CSS shorthand border property. Choose your preferred border-style from here. You can also define the border-width, border-style and border-color properties separately for your comment box.

How do you make a comment box in HTML?

Simply fill in the blanks or remove uneeded attributes.

  1. The <form> Tag. For an explanation of all the attributes, see the HTML form tag specifications. …
  2. The <textarea> Tag. This tag defines the comment box within the form.

How do you comment in HTML and CSS?

A CSS comment is placed inside the <style> element, and starts with /* and ends with */ :

  1. /* This is a single-line comment */ p { color: red; } Try it Yourself »
  2. p { color: red; /* Set text color to red */ } Try it Yourself »
  3. /* This is. a multi-line. comment */ p { color: red; } Try it Yourself »
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How do I add a comment box to my website?

HTML Comment Box

  1. First log in to your Google account. …
  2. Then go to the HTML Comment Box.
  3. In the blue box, click on Log in.
  4. You will be taken to your Google email account.
  5. Enter your login information.
  6. Once completed you will be taken back to the HTML Comment box site.

What is the correct HTML for making a checkbox?

<input type=”checkbox”> is the correct HTML for making a checkbox.

What is the code to insert an image in HTML?

To insert image in an HTML page, use the <img> tags. It is an empty tag, containing only attributes since the closing tag is not required. Just keep in mind that you should use the <img> tag inside <body>… </body> tag.

What is the comment tag in HTML?

The HTML comment tag is used to add text to an HTML document without including that text in the Web page. When used in an ION Script page, HTML comment tags and the content they enclose are passed unchanged directly to the browser.

What is Datalist tag in HTML?

The <datalist> tag specifies a list of pre-defined options for an <input> element. The <datalist> tag is used to provide an “autocomplete” feature for <input> elements. Users will see a drop-down list of pre-defined options as they input data.

How do you add notes in CSS?

How to Comment in CSS. To comment in CSS, simply place your plain text inside /* */ marks. This tells the browser that they are notes and should not be rendered on the front end.

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What is Z index in CSS?

The z-index CSS property sets the z-order of a positioned element and its descendants or flex items. Overlapping elements with a larger z-index cover those with a smaller one.

How do we add a comment in CSS file?

Like most languages, CSS allows the users to add comments in the stylesheet. Comments in CSS can be added by using the /* tag, which is then closed off by using */ . Note: Code that is commented out is not used to style the page. This technique can be used to add both single and multi-line comments.

Can you add a comment box to Google sites?

Add a comments section

Go to the page where you want to add comments. Page settings. Click Allow comments. The comments box appears below the page.

How do I add a Disqus comment box to my website?

Here’s how it works: Grab the direct link to the comment. Visit and enter the link into the box. Copy the embed code into a blog post or website and publish.

How do I add Facebook comments to my website?

To add the Comments plug-in to a web page on your site, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Facebook’s Plug-in Page and click the Comments link.
  2. Fill in the requested information to customize your Comments feature, as follows: URL to Comment On: Enter the specific URL for the comment box. …
  3. Click Get Code and add to your website.
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