Quick Answer: Should I use bootstrap or custom CSS?

2 Answers. I guess on big projects, where you’d like to use each an every feature that a css framework provides, you should go for it. Whereas in small websites, using Bootstrap/Foundation would be a slow-down factor. Otherwise if you are confident with building a responsive framework yourself, you should go ahead.

Is it better to use bootstrap or custom CSS?

Bootstrap was built for designers who need to do HTML, CSS and JS. It’s good, but if you are a startup you should be employing a front end developer who is skilled enough to be able to write their own custom HTML, CSS and JS.

Should I use bootstrap in 2020?

He recommends starting with standard HTML and CSS, and learning newer CSS tools like Flexbox and Grid. He says learning responsive web design in 2020 should be a given. … Bootstrap is still by far the most popular CSS framework, but there are a few other widely-used ones, too.

Can I use my own CSS with bootstrap?

You can write your own classes and include them in your layout, you can use bootstrap classes and make adjustments to them as you need.

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Why you shouldn’t use a CSS framework?

When you are using a CSS Framework, it doesn’t come up with only the features you want, although there are choices to get only those CSS Components you want, it still leads to a lot of extra code which goes into the bundle of your web app, which increases your web app size.

Is Bootstrap easier than CSS?

Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS Framework that is used for developing responsive website. … CSS is more complex than Bootstrap because there is no pre-defined class and design. Bootstrap is easy to understand and it has much pre-design class.

Why you should not use Bootstrap?

Bootstrap comes with a lot of lines of CSS and JS, which is a good thing, but also a bad thing because of the bad internet connection. And there’s also the problem with the server that will take all the heat for using such a heavy framework.

Is Bootstrap still good 2021?

With the rise of JavaScript front-end frameworks and an ever-changing landscape of technology and tools, a lot of folks are out there asking if Bootstrap is still relevant in 2021. The short answer is yes.

Does anyone still use Bootstrap?

Some people may say Bootstrap is dead, but perhaps they haven’t looked at the numbers: Bootstrap is used by over 40,000 companies and millions of developers. In addition, Bootstrap 5 was released in 2020, keeping this CSS framework as competitive as ever.

Does bootstrap override CSS?

You can override the default styles of Bootstrap elements using two possible methods. The first way — using CSS overrides— applies to sites using BootstrapCDN or the pre-compiled versions of Bootstrap. The second — using Sass variables — applies to sites using the source code version of Bootstrap.

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Can I learn bootstrap without CSS?

Before you jump in the deep end and start to learn Bootstrap, you need to make sure that you’re familiar with and fluent in the main front-end languages – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. … If you don’t have at least a basic working knowledge of at least HTML and CSS, then there’s no point to start learning Bootstrap.

How do I use custom bootstrap?

How to Customize Bootstrap

  1. Change the existing Bootstrap styles such as colors, fonts, or borders.
  2. Change the Bootstrap grid layout such as breakpoints or gutter widths.
  3. Extend Bootstrap classes with new custom classes (ie: btn-custom)

Is using CSS framework bad?

A CSS framework is a tool. It’s not good or bad, and it doesn’t define you as a developer. … If you find a framework that ticks all your boxes, use it. As long as you learn in the process, nothing bad comes from using it.

Are CSS frameworks worth it?

Yes CSS frameworks can be useful and speed up web design time which is the main purpose of why they were created. But the issue with using CSS frameworks is that: You will eventually forget css and not be able to use it when css frameworks are not an option.

Should I use CSS framework or pure CSS?

So, if you are working on some big project and you don’t have a skilled Front-End Developer in your team, then CSS Frameworks can save your day. … If you don’t have many UI elements and pages in your app, you don’t need a framework.

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