How do I make a clickable image tag?

How do you make an image clickable in HTML?

To create clickable areas in an image, create an image map, with clickable areas.

How to create clickable areas in an image in HTML?

Sr.No Attribute & Description
1 alt The alternate text for the area
2 coords The coordinates for the area
3 download The target will download when the hyperlink is clicked
4 shape The shape of the area

How do you make an image clickable?

How to Make a Clickable Image by Adding Link

  1. Right-click the image and choose Image Properties in the Rich Text Editor.
  2. Click on the Link tab.
  3. Enter the URL of the desired page.
  4. Select Target to New Window to open a new window.
  5. Click OK button.
  6. Click Save button and Clear Cache.

To create a clickable image online, all you need is a JPG file and a website address (the URL). Just as you can add a link to any text on a web page or Word document, you can add a link to any image file, including JPGs, PNGs and GIFs.

What is a clickable image?

Clickable-image meaning

An image that is used as a link.

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How do I embed a URL into an image?

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Locate and copy the image link. Locate the image on the web that you want to embed. …
  2. Position the cursor in the editor. …
  3. Select the Image icon. …
  4. Paste the image link (URL). …
  5. Click OK. …
  6. Example of a left-aligned image.

Select the image for which you want to create an image link. 3. On the Insert menu, click Hyperlink. Note: If Microsoft Word does not display Hyperlink on the Insert menu, you cannot use this procedure to create a hyperlinked image.

You can add hyperlinks to JPEGs and PNG by opening in Photoshop, using the slice tool and saving as HTML images. … You can add this to webpages and the separate slices will reassemble into a single image with separate hyperlinks for each slice.

The easy way to hyperlink an image

  1. Place the image into your Gmail email as you normally would.
  2. Place the image into your Gmail email as you normally would.
  3. Then select the image. …
  4. Click the link icon at the bottom of the Compose window. …
  5. Enter the web address to which you want the image to link. …
  6. Then click the OK button.

Turn an image in your email into a clickable link

  1. Copy the URL you want to link to your image.
  2. Drag-and-drop the image that you want to turn into a link into your template.
  3. Click the image to open the toolbar and then click Link > Web Page.
  4. Paste the copied URL into the Link URL Field.
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How do you make an image clickable on Facebook?

Adding Clickable Images

Copy the URL you want to link the images to your post. All of the valid images on the page will then automatically appear in the post. If there is more than one image on the website page, you will see arrows to the left and right allowing you to scroll through the images.

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