How do you close a BR tag?

Do you have to close a BR tag?

Technical summary

None, it is an empty element. Must have a start tag, and must not have an end tag. In XHTML documents, write this element as <br /> . Any element that accepts phrasing content.

Is BR closed?

The break element , <br> or <br />, is one of several void elements , which are also known as self-closing elements. The closing tag uses a slash to indicate that it is closing the element. Void elements such as br, hr and img don’t surround the content. As such they only require an opening tag.

Should I use br or br />?

In HTML, the <br> tag is used for line break. … In HTML, use <br> tag. In XHTML, the valid way is to use <br/> or <br></br> as mentioned in the XHTML guidelines. According to w3 guidelines, a space should be included before the trailing / and > of empty elements, for example, <br />.

Is BR the same as br />?

In practice, </br> does not exist. Just <br> or <br /> . However, the difference is the position, and is universal for all XML tags. <TAG_NAME> indicates the beginning of a tag, and </TAG_NAME> indicates the end of a tag.

Why my BR tag is not working?

If you are trying to put space between two divs and <br/> is not working then insert this code (between the divs) to get the <br/> tag working. in your css file. IE7 is more forgiving of incorrect syntax in quirksmode. That’s because </br> is an invalid tag.

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Is Br or Br bigger?

Br – will have the largest atomic size because Br- has one extra electron in its valence shell which due to its unbalanced negative charge will be repelled and hence the atomic radius of Br- will increase.

Why is BR tag used?

The <br> tag in HTML document is used to create a line break in a text. It is generally used in poem or address where the division of line is necessary. It is an empty tag, which means it does not need a company of end tag.

Should I use Br?

For HTML, that’s correct. But for XHTML, <br></br> is perfectly valid. … The reason many people think the space is required or that empty element closing tags are forbidden is because almost everyone this entire time has only ever been writing HTML-compatible XHTML.

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