What is strongly typed HTML helpers in MVC?

What are the HTML helpers in MVC?

Understanding HTML Helpers in ASP.NET MVC. An HTML Helper is just a method that returns a HTML string. The string can represent any type of content that you want. For example, you can use HTML Helpers to render standard HTML tags like HTML <input>, <button> and <img> tags etc.

What is strongly typed in MVC?

Strongly typed views are used for rendering specific types of model objects. By specifying type of data, visual studio provides intellisense for that class. View inherits from ViewPage whereas strongly typed view inherits from ViewPage where T is type of the model.

What is HTML action in MVC?

Action(HtmlHelper, String) Invokes the specified child action method and returns the result as an HTML string. Action(HtmlHelper, String, Object) Invokes the specified child action method with the specified parameters and returns the result as an HTML string.

What is HTML AntiForgeryToken ()?

AntiForgeryToken() Generates a hidden form field (anti-forgery token) that is validated when the form is submitted. AntiForgeryToken(String) Obsolete. Generates a hidden form field (anti-forgery token) that is validated when the form is submitted.

Should I use HTML helpers?

HTML Helpers are used in View to render HTML content. HTML Helpers (mostly) is a method that returns a string. It is not mandatory to use HTML Helper classes for building an ASP.NET MVC application. We can build an ASP.NET MVC application without using them, but HTML Helpers helps in the rapid development of a view.


What is TextBoxFor in MVC?

TextBoxFor() The TextBoxFor<TModel, TProperty>() is the generic extension method that creates <input type=”text”> control. The first type parameter is for the model class, and second type parameter is for the property.

What are selectors in MVC?

Action selectors are attributes that can be applied to action methods and are used to influence which action method gets invoked in response to a request. It helps the routing engine to select the correct action method to handle a particular request.

What is MVC Razor?

Razor View Engine is a markup syntax which helps us to write HTML and server-side code in web pages using C# or VB.Net. … Razor is a templating engine and ASP.NET MVC has implemented a view engine which allows us to use Razor inside of an MVC application to produce HTML.

What is loosely typed view in MVC?

In ASP.NET MVC, we can pass the data from the controller action method to a view in many different ways like ViewBag, ViewData, TempData and strongly typed model object. If we pass the data to a View using ViewBag, TempData, or ViewData, then that view becomes a loosely typed view.

How do you create strongly typed view?

In this article, you will see how to create a strongly typed view in the MVC4 Web API.

Add a new View as in the following:

  1. In the EmployeeController.
  2. Right-click on the “Index” ActionResult.
  3. Select “Add View”.
  4. Now check the “create Strongly Typed View” Checkbox.
  5. Select “Model Class”.
  6. Click on the “Add” button.
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