Your question: Which of the following is a container in HTML?

In HTML, the container is the area enclosed by the beginning and ending tags. For example < HTML > encloses an entire document while other tags may enclose a single word, paragraph, or other elements.

What is a container in HTML?

Container tags are generally divided into three parts, i.e., opening tag, content(which will display on the browser), and closing tag. In the content part, they can also contain some other tags. These opening and closing tags are used in pairs which are start tag and end tag, which is often called ON and OFF tags.

Which of the following is a container tag in HTML?

Content (Container) Tags

Opening Tag Closing Tag Description
<div> </div> A container for a block of content
<span> </span> A container for in-line content, such as content inside a paragraph.
<em> </em> Gives the contained text emphasis (usually as italics).
<strong> </strong> Makes the contained text bold.

Which is container tag?

In HTML, the container is the area enclosed by the beginning and ending tags. … These are called container tags because they contain something, within the two tags. For example, marks the beginning of aHTML page whereas marks the end. The content written within these tags is contained by the tag.

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What are the two examples of container tag?

<HTML>and </HTML>, <TITLE> and </TITLE> are examples of container tags.

What is an example of a container?

When the source being documented forms part of a larger whole, the larger whole can be thought of as a container that holds the source. For example, a short story may be contained in an anthology. The short story is the source, and the anthology is the container.”

How do you put a container in HTML?

The Container Class

The w3-container class adds a 16px left and right padding to any HTML element. The w3-container class is the perfect class to use for all HTML container elements like: <div>, <article>, <section>, <header>, <footer>, <form>, and more.

What is a container in Web design?

The overall layout (“container”) is defined for each screen size, with spaces for content. Then individual modules can be slotted into these content spaces. A good explanation for this concept can be found in this article by Nick Haley at The Guardian.

What are the types of HTML tags?

Basic HTML

Tag Description
<!DOCTYPE> Defines the document type
<html> Defines an HTML document
<head> Contains metadata/information for the document
<title> Defines a title for the document

Is P container tag?

The P element acts as a container for the text between the start tag <P> and the end tag </P>. You don’t need to give the end tag as it is implied by the context, e.g. the following <P> tag. If you wish, you may think of the <P> tag as a paragraph separator.

What is difference between container tag and empty tag?

Container tag consists of opening tag+content+closing tag . While empty tag is tag without content or a closing tag. Container tags are used to enclose texts, images etc. … Like you can insert a line-break or an image anywhere in your page but it should be inside some container tag.

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What is combining tags explain with example?

Here is your answer :Tags in HTML can be combined in order to get the desired results of both the tags on an element such as text. For example, we can bold text using the bold (b) tag and we can also italicize text using the italic (i) tag. To bold and italic text together, use the i tag inside the b tag of vice versa.

Can the element body be replaced with body?

You can only replace the HTML’s body element with PHP if you are outputting the HTML with PHP (changing it before outputting it). PHP works server-side, so once the HTML reaches the client it cannot modify it.

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