Best answer: How do I remove bootstrap default padding?

How do I change the default padding in bootstrap?

2 Answers

  1. Specify the area where to override the default padding. Here I use . my-custom-area .
  2. For example we column padding to be 8px each on left and right side. Modify the margin of row in area #1 to negative value. .my-custom-area . row { margin-left: -8px; margin-right: -8px;} .

How do I disable padding?

3 Answers. Just put inside your h3 style the property padding:0; or for a better practice use an id if is a one element style. Or you can use a class if you will use the same style in different elements for example if you want to use it in a p tag. Hope it helps you.

What is one advantage of using Bootstrap?

The Advantages of Bootstrap Development are:

Fewer Cross browser bugs. A consistent framework that supports major of all browsers and CSS compatibility fixes. Lightweight and customizable. Responsive structures and styles.

What are the three main elements of the Bootstrap grid?

What are the three main elements of the Bootstrap grid listed in the proper order. Cards replace panels, thumbnails, and wells used in Bootstrap 3 and are essentially a contained group of content with a border and inner padding. Since p-0 is first it will override all of the other classes.

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How do I set margins in Bootstrap?

b – sets margin-bottom or padding-bottom. l – sets margin-left or padding-left. r – sets margin-right or padding-right. x – sets both padding-left and padding-right or margin-left and margin-right.

  1. sets margin or padding to . …
  2. sets margin or padding to . …
  3. sets margin or padding to 1rem (16px if font-size is 16px)

How do I get rid of default padding?

The right answer for this question is “css reset”. It removes all default margin and padding for every object on the page, no holds barred, regardless of browser.

How do I get rid of extra padding?

In the Design View of the builder, click on the element you would like to edit. The settings for the element will appear in the left sidebar. Scroll down to the Padding and Margin values at the bottom of the left sidebar. Adjust all values to 0 to remove the padding or margin around your element’s content.

How do I remove all padding and margin in CSS?

“css remove all margin and padding” Code Answer

  1. * {
  2. margin: 0;
  3. padding: 0;
  4. }

How do I remove the space between images in bootstrap?

Just change the class of your 3 container divs to ‘col-md-4’. This is happening because you are using col-md-offset-1 that will create 1 column space in your image so just remove it and it will be fine. Move columns to the right using .

How do I change the width of a gutter in bootstrap?

The Bootstrap grid allows 12 columns with 30 px wide gutters by default, but these numbers can be adjusted. Just check the Grid System block on the Customize page. The @grid-columns field allows to set a different number of columns, and the @grid-gutter-width field lets you change the gutter width.

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How do I remove the space between columns in Bootstrap 3?


  1. {
  2. margin-right:0;
  3. margin-left:0;
  4. }
  5. > [class*=’col-‘] {
  6. padding-right:0;
  7. padding-left:0;
  8. }
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