How do I put space between two images in bootstrap?

How do I add a space between images in bootstrap?

Size: This allows users to add a specific amount of spacing to a level.

  1. 0 – 0px margin/padding.
  2. 1 – 4px margin/padding.
  3. 2 – 8px margin/padding.
  4. 3 – 16px margin/padding.
  5. 4 – 24px margin/padding.
  6. 5 – 48px margin/padding.
  7. auto – auto margin.

How do you put a space between two pictures?

How to Fix Spacing if Your Image is Less than 16 Pixels High:

  1. Add style=”display:block” to the image.
  2. Add align=”left” to the image.
  3. Add align=”right” to the image.
  4. Add style=”float:left” to the image.
  5. Add style=”float:right” to the image.

How do you put a space between two images in HTML?

There are several methods to add more space between images. The easiest one is to simply place </br> element between them in the code in case they are placed in one column one above the other. The other way is to use padding values.

How do you put a space between two bootstrap icons?

3 Answers. Put &nbsp; between the text and icon. EDIT: As your comment below that you can’t add additional tags inside the a tag, you can actually add an &nbsp; or a whitespace but using your code, the icon is placed on the left not on the right as the image shows.

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How do you add space between lines in CSS?

Use the line-height property in CSS to do so. Browsers by default will create a certain amount of space between lines to ensure that the text is easily readable. For example, for 12-point type, a browser will place about 1 point of vertical space between lines.

How do I add a space between rows in bootstrap?

If you need to separate rows in bootstrap, you can simply use . form-group . This adds 15px margin to the bottom of row.

How do I remove the space between images in bootstrap?

Just change the class of your 3 container divs to ‘col-md-4’. This is happening because you are using col-md-offset-1 that will create 1 column space in your image so just remove it and it will be fine. Move columns to the right using .

What is the tag used for space in HTML?

Some Useful HTML Character Entities

Result Description Entity Name
non-breaking space &nbsp;
< less than &lt;
> greater than &gt;
& ampersand &amp;

How do you add a tab space in HTML?

The tab character can be inserted by holding the Alt and pressing 0 and 9 together. A new class can be created which gives a certain amount of spacing by using the margin-left property.

How do you add space between icons?

Just apply a padding (or a margin, depending on the style you’ve used) between elements, e.g. you have to use padding attribute in style tag.

How do you space out icons?

Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard. And scroll your mouse wheel up and down to scale the icons.

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